Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sally McRae Western States Post

This Instagram post from Sally McRae was too good to not share. This Saturday is the Western States 100, perhaps the most prestigious 100 mile race in the US.

When I step up to the Start line everything around me fades away. The noise; the opinions; the people...there is no room for anything else except my one goal. I do not care who is to my right or my left; I don’t give a second thought to this runner’s accolades or that runner’s experiences. And while I hold a deep respect for my competitors, I am not there to race against anyone except myself. We will have arrived at the same start line but our journeys are not the same. This is the way it should be. For the past 4 months I have invited you on my journey- allowing you a peek into my training, my mind, and the places I've grown to love. My hope was that in sharing these things you too would be inspired to follow your own path in whatever it is you love; and that you'd come to realize there's great things waiting for you if you dare to go after them. For me, I devoted myself to training harder than I have ever trained for a race in the past. I got on the race course 15 times; I trained with a strength and conditioning coach every morning for 2 hours before my runs; I climbed until my legs shook; I changed my diet; spent hours a day on rehab and recovery; slept more; and sacrificed almost every minute of spare time to focus on this race. And all while knowing that nothing is guaranteed. So when I step up to that Start line, I will be focused. Am I nervous? A little- I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. I want to believe that I gave everything I possibly could to this race. And when that gun goes off, the test begins and the same question that I've demanded myself to answer EVERY. DAY. Will be asked once more, "What will you give today Sally?” My Best. Because my best is ALL that I have left in me. Wishing ALL runners racing #WS100 this weekend a strong and triumphant race! May you not lose focus on your goal, but keep your eyes on the prize. Give YOUR best my friends and nothing less. Much love to you!💛 2 Days. 13 Hours. 58 Minutes. Heart rate: 170 #joshua1v9 #giveYourBest #niketrail #eyesOnThePrize #zoomwildhorse
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